eMedia Platform Overview

  • eMediaLibrary (Browser based)
  • eMediaDB (Media JSON APIs)
  • eMedia Desktop (Windows/Mac/Linux)
  • eMedia Community Portal

Automatic Categorization with Artificial Intelligence

  • AI - Tags items within photos and videos (e.g. dog, child, mountains etc.).
  • AI Facial Recognition - Tags faces in photos and videos.
  • Extraction of text - For searching PDF, Word or other formats so you can search for anything.
  • Automatic Entity Creation
  • Automatic Metadata searching - By date, author or embedded information from the files.
  • Automatic Voice to Text closed captions - Transcribes spoken dialog in audio or video in multiple languages.
  • Scene tagging - Save and search for user-defined tags within the timeline of the video or audio track searching for conceptual entities within video.
  • Geolocation Features
  • A self-learning platform - The AI features will learn as you use the platform, automatically organizing your files more efficiently and becoming more and more searchable.

Online Conversions and Media Editing

  • Centralized Storage of high resolution files - Find a needle in the haystack with AI
  • Built in Media Conversions - Automatically convert your files online to a desired type
  • Editor - Crop, add filters, rotate or add text
  • Share - Or download your custom conversions and cropped images
  • Multi-Language Metadata - Make use of entity tracking. Track all data records that are related to the assets such as information, Product details, Project codes, etc. in multiple languages
  • Online Video Playback - View and stream videos

Centralize - Ingest Files From Anywhere

We implement advanced integrations and can import from:

Video Timeline Editor

  • Save notes on events, people, objects, scenes and more!
  • Custom searchable tags within your videos

Online Image Editor

Crop Images, add filters, rotate, or add text to an image.

AI Generated Closed Captioning

Scan videos and generate captions then translate into multiple languages

Importing from Hot Folders

Sync and Index to Your Company’s Local Network Drive

  • Scan local volumes or internet storage
  • Index video captures, dates and descriptions to help sort, catalog and search
  • Process large numbers of files
  • Speed-up staff onboarding
  • Easy to share

Video Streaming and Proxy Creation

Automated MOV Proxy creation

  • Smooth previews
  • Large file sizes
  • Fast background downloading

Live Demo

Go to our demo site and login with username admin password admin to check out the following features in action:

  1. Entity Editing
  2. Custom UI and branding
  3. Hosting
  4. Security
  5. Image conversions
  6. Searchability
  7. AI Features
  8. Tagging
  9. Entities and how they work.
  10. Some of our client’s stories

* Anyone can go here and upload/download

* Always has the most recent version

* Resets each day